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Changing how you see, changes how you react, which changes how your children react to you. 

Our coaches are experts at giving you new ways to see yourself, your boundaries, and your child(ren) that get you unstuck, bring out hidden strengths, and stop unwanted behaviors at the source. 

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Betsy Blackard, Parent & Relationship Coach

Betsy is a second-generation Parent and Relationship Coach based in southern California. 

Raised in a Language of Listening® household, Betsy naturally uses our simple tools in her coaching interactions with parents, children, and anyone seeking to improve their relationships with themselves and others.

Betsy has twenty years of experience working with children in family, preschool, and research settings. She loves the way that kids invite her to see the world, and herself, in new ways. She also loves the way that Language of Listening® enables her to connect with people of all ages with ease.

She has an MA in Positive Developmental Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and is currently completing her Ph.D. She is fascinated by language and passionate about joyful self-expression, healthy dating relationships, and effective communication between parents and children. 

Betsy is available for private coaching.

Rose Clark, Parent Coach

Rose is a mom of 2 based in Ontario, Canada. She is the author of Love the Way You Parent blog and co-author with Camilla Miller of three Language of Listening® phrase books.

After a difficult childhood, she ached to learn how to parent in a way that comes from the heart and honors children as separate individuals with their own unique thoughts and feelings.

“I knew what kind of a mom I wanted to be but didn’t know if those tools existed, and then I found Language of Listening®”

Driven by a deep desire to help moms LOVE the way they parent, Rose started her coaching business and online community. Rose connects with clients helping them: solve the issues behind their children’s behavior, get their kids to listen without having to yell or “be mean,” and feel in control so they are free to choose the best results for their kids –> all of this so these moms can finally LOVE the way they parent and TRULY ENJOY motherhood!

Join Rose’s Facebook Community, connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and check out her website and private or group coaching programs.

Tracy Cutchlow, Parent Coach

Tracy Cutchlow is the mother of one based in Washington State. 

Tracy is the author of Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science and an Authorized Language of Listening® Coach. She is also the editor of the bestselling books Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby. Her writing on parenting appears in publications from the Huffington Post to the Washington Post

Connect with Tracy on Facebook, Twitter, and her website, or sign up on her Language of Listening® course and coaching list.

Dalia Liolia, Parent Coach

Dalia Liolia

Dalia is a mom of two and our first Authorized Language of Listening Coach in Greece. Her passion is helping mamas enjoy life!

As a trained nurse, life was mostly fine with one child, but when the second became a toddler, she felt like things started going off the rails. Nights of feeling incapable, helpless, and drowned by guilt became way too many.

That’s when she found Language of Listening®. It wasn’t a magic wand that made everything perfect in a wink, but it certainly started sprinkling magic into her life.

When asked if she would like to become a Language of Listening Coach, Dalia answered, “That would be my dream!” though at the time she thought dreams were impossible. Well… she’s already started living her dream because, as she’ll happily tell you, with Language of Listening, anything is possible. 😉

Fluent in English and Greek, Dalia is available for live private coaching for Greek-speaking parents and coaching via email for English speakers. Connect with her on Facebook.

Ruxandra Golea, Parent & Life Balance Coach

Ruxi is the mother of two children based in Switzerland and a children’s yoga instructor. 

Ruxi has served on our Advisory Board and worked closely with Sandy and Eva since 2009 when she took her first Language of Listening® class. She completed our 2-year Instructor Training Program (predecessor to our current Coaches Training Program), has co-led the Language of Listening® Mastery Class with Sandy, and assisted with our coaches training.

Ruxi brings a holistic perspective to her coaching. She is committed to helping parents find balance and flow in their parenting and all areas of their lives. She’s fluent in English and Romanian. 

Ruxi is available for private coaching.

Camilla Miller, Parent Coach

Camilla is the mother of two based in West Sussex, U.K. She is the author of Keeping Your Cool Parenting Workbook and blog, and co-author with Rose Clark of three Language of Listening® phrase books.

As a qualified primary school teacher, she didn’t think much about her parenting skills until her second child was born…then BAM! This child was more reactive, impulsive and threw epic tantrums.

Camilla knew there had to be a way to raise kids that didn’t include constant struggles, naughty steps or reward charts, and she was right. When she discovered Language of Listening® her first thought was, “Why did no one tell me this before?!!”

Camilla’s passion is to support parents to really understand their child, especially the more challenging, reactive kids, and give parents the tools they need to transform family life. She shares Language of Listening tools on her blog and through her books, courses, workshops, and Facebook Community.

Connect with Camilla on Facebook or on her website. She is also available for private or couples coaching and classes.

Rachel Norman, Parent Coach

Rachel is mom of five based in Florida. She’s the author of If Mama Ain’t Happy and A Mother Far from Home blog where she shares Language of Listening® tips and insights, and writes on developing mindsets, routines, boundaries, and habits that take the chaos out of parenting.

Rachel offers several classes each year including her licensed Language of Listening® parent class, Nurture and Play, that incorporates our online Mastery Class.

Connect with Rachel on her websiteInstagramFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest.

Lauren Tamm, Parent Coach

Lauren is the mom of three based in Virginia. She’s the author of The Military Wife and Mom blog where she writes on practical parenting, enjoying motherhood, and thriving through the ups and downs of military life. 

Lauren takes you straight to the point in her licensed Language of Listening® parent class, Raising Little Listeners, that she offers several times a year. Contact her on FacebookPinterest, or her website.

Kate Veleva, Parent Coach

Ekaterina (Kate) is the mom of two and our first Authorized Language of Listening® coach in Bulgaria. She loves helping parents simplify parenting and experience personal growth in the process.

Kate has an extremely sensitive approach. She creates a space for you to feel understood and supported. Her positive attitude will inspire you, and her knowledge and experience will give you a new perspective and understanding of your child’s most challenging behavior and lead you to new solutions that will change your relationship with your child forever.

Kate is also a Montessori Guide trained to work with children up to 6 years old, a certified NLP practitioner and coach (ITA), and a certified K-power Instructor of Neurographics at the “Specialist” level for resolving family conflicts.

Kate provides classes and coaching for parents with children from ages 2 to 7 and is fluent in English and Bulgarian. Connect with her in Bulgarian on her website or Facebook.

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