Sandra Blackard, Founder, Master Coach

Sandy Blackard, master coach and founder of Language of Listening®, trains coaches and teaches life coaching skills to parents, teachers, and other professionals in our online classes. Her three simple steps for bringing out the greatness in children are introduced in her award-winning handbook that has changed thousands of lives: SAY WHAT YOU SEE® for Parents and Teachers: More hugs. More respect. Elegantly simple.

Sandy and her husband Patrick have two grown daughters, Colleen, an artist, and Betsy, authorized Language of Listening® Coach and a PhD student in Positive Developmental Psychology.

When Colleen was 4, a sudden shift in her behavior from confident to frightened and clingy led Sandy to Dr. Garry Landreth, founder of the Center for Play Therapy, University of North Texas, who taught her the skills play therapists use and a new way to see children. Within a few months, Colleen skipped off to Kindergarten without looking back. Sandy changed her interactions with 3-year-old Betsy at the same time and saw her go from rebellious to cooperative in a matter of weeks.

Stunned at the rapid transformation in her daughters and herself, “Every parent should know this!” became her vow. Her drive to get an easy-to-use version of these skills into the hands of parents worldwide led to the development of the unique and powerful transformational coaching approach she teaches today.

Along the way she co-authored Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Treatment Manual, 1st Ed. (2006) with Drs. Landreth, Bratton, and Kellam. Both SAY WHAT YOU SEE and CPRT Treatment Manual have won awards.

Eva Sim-Zabka, Co-founder, Master Coach

Master Coach, Eva Sim-Zabka
Eva Sim-Zabka, Dec. 13, 1967 – Feb. 15, 2024

As a master life coach and instructor, Eva inspired clients with her enthusiasm for life and certainty that anything is possible. You can experience her life-changing clarity and colorful coaching style yourself in our pre-recorded 101 Basic Coaching Skills Course online.

Eva was an accomplished professional with many years of experience in personal development training, workshop presentations, group facilitation, content creation for classroom and online training materials, management, and client support. She was a dynamic speaker, visionary, and original thinker regarding business and lifestyle choices that result in happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Eva was an inspirational leader known for creating transformational insights for audiences of all sizes.

Eva was responsible for the rapid expansion of Language of Listening® beyond parenting into the field of personal growth. Her revolutionary self-coaching class for our coaches, Language of Listening® for YOU (Art of No Compromise),  provides astonishing breakthroughs in happiness and self-confidence with lasting results.

Eva earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology in her native Poland. She was also an accomplished artist, musician, dance instructor, world traveler, and mother of two grown children—a son, Adrian, who is an EMT and firefighter and a daughter, Julia, who is an artist and author of a travel blog.

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